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Our Story


Once upon a time….

There was a boy who used to play basketball almost every day. He was not a professional player, but he really enjoyed going out and playing with friends or with people who he would just meet at the basketball court…It was FUN!

A few years later, the boy was old enough to decide to leave his country in order to find better opportunities abroad, to gain more experiences and to explore the world…

After a lot of travelling, the young man landed in a city called London. He was still very passionate about basketball so he tried to find a place where he could play basketball. He had no luck: renting a court was very expensive, he did not have any friends and it was very difficult to join a club.Tag heuer aquaracer replica

But the man was determined to play basketball. So, a few months later he started his own social basketball session. Since then, people from all over the world who live or visit London can come and play…

And then one day this man had  a DREAM. A dream that all basketball players in the world will be united and will organise basketball games anywhere at anytime. In order to do that he will need all the support he can get and each basketball player in the world needs to contribute to make that happen. This is the biggest basketball project in the world and I can already see it happening,


Lessons learned: Follow Your Dreams and will come True… Have faith in you and others and united we can conquer the world.